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My Lyme Disease Recovery: What It’s Like Living With Lyme Disease In Tennessee (Yes, There Are Ticks In Tennessee!)

I've been living with Lyme Disease in Tennessee for years now. Here's my story -- how I got Lyme Disease from a tick bite and the Lyme Disease rash that followed. Plus, a little about the Lyme Disease movie that had a huge impact on me, a list of people in Nashville Tennessee with Lyme Disease, and a little about Lyme Disease doctors in Nashville Tennessee.

Autism Specials, News Reports & Findings That May Help Autistic Children And Their Families

As much as I wish I could speak for my Autistic niece Shelby... I can't. And as much I wish I could scream and shout for all of the injustices that she and her parents have had to deal with on a daily basis... that wouldn't do any good either. So, from my faraway corner of the world, I find peace and satisfaction when I can share some of the specific things that have helped to clarify things for me a bit. Or have helped me find an even greater sense of hope for Shelby's future.

How Autistic Are You?

They have determined that we are ALL autistic to some degree. Personally, I am glad to know that. Because it means the people I know who have been labeled by the professionals as 'autistic' are really not that different from you and me. See what your autism quotient is here...

Daniel Tammet Is Autistic With Numbers

Do you know someone who is a whiz with numbers? What about mathematical equations? Do you see numbers differently than most people? Then you've got to read this article about Daniel Tammet, who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how an 'autistic savant' functions.

Inside The Mind Of An Autistic Child

We have a 5-year-old niece who is Autistic. With years of help from the Cleveland Clinic, she has made dramatic improvements -- and she continues to do so, on a daily basis. But I changed my way of thinking about Autism last Christmas when Jim's parents shared with everyone a photocopied list of '10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew'.

Think You’ve Got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

If you have weakness in your hand or wrist, and your hand or wrist becomes easily fatigued after a certain amount of time at the computer, then you may be experiencing early signs of RSI -- Repetitive Strain Injury. RSI is the underlying problem behind carpal tunnel syndrome.