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Secondary Drowning And Dry Drowning: 2 Kids Swimming Hazards You Can Prevent If You Know The Symptoms

What do you mean you can drown and not even be in the water? That's what happens in dry drowning…

11 months ago

Trying To Avoid The Gym? 6 At Home Workout Alternatives To Keep You Fit Without The Gym

Gym workouts are great, but what happens when you get snowed in, burned out, or just need a change? At…

1 year ago

5 Proven Holiday Weight Loss Tips To Help You Quickly Shed That Holiday Weight In The New Year

Holiday weight loss tips and advice from a guy who's kept off the holiday weight but still loves his pies!…

2 years ago

Trying To Drink More Water? 5 Things You Can Drink Instead Of Water For The Same Health Benefits & To Stay Hydrated

Experts tell us to drink more water to stay healthy. But what if you don't like water? Here are 5…

2 years ago

Constipated? 4 Things You Can Do To Bring Constipation Relief Naturally

Frequently constipated? Feel bloated & gassy? Here are 4 ways to get constipation relief... naturally. The fastest one: raise your…

2 years ago

5 Weird Facts About Your Body Explained…. Like Why Your Fingers Get Wrinkly In Water & Why You’re Taller In The Morning

If you like weird facts as much as I do, then you'll appreciate these 5 human body facts that are…

3 years ago

8 Ways To Stay Awake Without Caffeine… Personally Tested By Me!

I am a caffeine lover -- I almost said "junkie" but of course, that has a negative connotation. I have…

3 years ago

My Weight Loss Story: How I Dropped 90 Pounds And Kept It Off

Weight loss stories can be both educational and inspirational. With my weight loss story, I aim to do the same…

6 years ago

Surefire Tips for Portion Control That Helped Me Lose Weight

I dropped below 200 pounds after changing my eating habits. Here are the 3 portion control tips that helped me…

6 years ago

Bottled Water vs City Water: What’s The Difference?

What do you think? Is city water (or tap water) better for you than bottled water? Here are some interesting…

9 years ago

19 Common Health Myths Debunked

There are literally hundreds of health-related myths and old wives tales. Fortunately, technology is catching up with most of these…

10 years ago

Check Your Plastic Bottles… Some Could Be Harmful To Your Health

There is a new government report regarding the safety of plastic bottles. Supposedly, if there's a 3, 6, or 7…

10 years ago

Quick Tips For Drinking More Water

Here are literally DOZENS of ways to increase your water intake on a daily basis. Drink more water... start now!

14 years ago