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How We Found Out That I Have Lyme Disease …From A Tick Bite

I had no idea I was suffering from the early signs of Lyme Disease - until I got the official…

7 months ago

Acupuncture Benefits: Advantages & Disadvantages Of Acupuncture Treatments For You And Your Pets

Acupuncture benefits those of us who prefer a holistic approach to medical issues. We live in an over-medicated society and…

1 year ago

OTC Pain Relievers: The Differences Between Acetaminophen And NSAIDs Like Ibuprofen, Aspirin & Naproxen

When did buying an over the counter pain reliever become such a difficult choice? Things like type of pain, duration…

1 year ago

Got Fibromyalgia Symptoms? 5 Health Conditions That Could Easily Be Mistaken For Fibromyalgia

Many who are suffering from fatigue & muscle pain are quick to assume they've got fibromyalgia. 5 other illnesses have…

4 years ago

How To Make A Heating Pad Using Socks – DIY Microwave Heating Pad Instructions

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to make a heating pad yourself. A microwavable heating pad is great to…

7 years ago

Do Topical Pain Relief Creams & Gels Really Work?

Topical pain relief creams and gels CAN alleviate some of your pain when applied directly to the skin right over…

8 years ago

Home Remedies For Health Ailments: 6 Foods That Cure

Following is a list of common ailments and the foods that can prevent them, if not cure them completely.

9 years ago

My Lyme Disease Recovery: What It’s Like Living With Lyme Disease In Tennessee (Yes, There Are Ticks In Tennessee!)

I've been living with Lyme Disease in Tennessee for years now. Here's my story -- how I got Lyme Disease…

9 years ago

Got Neck Pain? Helpful Online Videos Of Yoga And Physical Therapy Neck Stretches That Work!

I've found a number of neck stretches that really work for me to alleviate the tense pressure in my neck…

9 years ago

Got A Pain In The Neck?… Quick Tricks To Alleviate Neck Pain

If you are a looking for neck pain treatment, then you'll be thrilled to learn that help is right at…

13 years ago

Consumer Reports Now Reviews Drugs & Medications

The well-respected consumer product authority, Consumer Reports, has started reviewing medications as well. Their free Web site compares medications in…

14 years ago