Randy Pausch Is Dying… Here Is Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

You’ve probably seen Randy Pausch a lot on the news lately.

He’s the Carnegie Mellon Professor who is dying from pancreatic cancer.

What makes him — and his message — so memorable are the amazing details of his life (and our lives in general) that Randy shared in his “Last Lecture” on September 18, 2007.

Watch the video…

From the YouTube video caption:

In his moving talk, ‘Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,’ Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

But Randy Pausch‘s speech was so much more than that.

It was a testament to the human spirit… living your life with dignity… and being a humble example to your children, your friends, and your family.

If you haven’t seen this video already, you definitely MUST take the time. It’s one hour and 25 minutes long.

But you actually wish that it were longer, because Randy has a way with words. And, without effort, he forces you to take a long hard look at your own life… your goals… your dreams… and the examples you are setting.

There are literally dozens of “life lessons” scattered about in this speech. If you only take away one, it will probably change your life forever.

Enjoy (…and get the Kleenex ready).

Oh, and there’s a very special ending to this man’s story, so be sure to hang tight til the end.

Check out Randy Pausch’s web page. There, you can get a free transcript of his speech. You can even follow along with Randy’s progress through his cancer treatments. You can also order a DVD of Randy’s “Last Lecture”.

UPDATE: I remember one of the things a reporter asked him on TV recently was, “Will you be here for Christmas?”
Randy replied, “There’s a 50-50 chance.”
The reporter asked, “What about Father’s Day?”
To which Randy replied, “I wouldn’t buy me anything…”

Randy Pausch’s update page.

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